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Yellow Birds

Jenna Lucente


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chashama | 461 West 126th Street

Curated by chashama

Jenna's current work portrays a moment of tension between traditional subject and contemporary environment. Horses run, dogs sleep, and birds soar in the sky, all the while our environment is ever changing. The human presence within nature is felt in many ways. Windfarms may replace traditional landscapes, and ongoing human interference with our natural environment continues to challenge an animal’s role in nature. This animal kingdom observes, experiences, and participates in this new world.

Lucente's work is painted with a concision and simplicity that emphasize the underlying tension of the narrative. It’s storybook style, but not quite storybook stories. In her world, you may be witness to the aftermath of an event, or to its precursor.





Sat - Sun 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM