Linda Montano / Martha Wilson / Diane Dwyer

Thomas Albrecht / Tsedaye Makonnen / Chun Hua Cather Dong / Evans, Henry, & Hunter

Linda Montano / Martha Wilson / Diane Dwyer Thomas Albrecht / Tsedaye Makonnen / Chun Hua Cather Dong / Evans, Henry, & Hunter | Events Calendar
Bilinda by linda Montano

Linda Montano, Martha Wilson, Diane Dwyer, Thomas Albrecht, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Tsedaye Makonnen, Ayana Evans, Whitney Hunter, Myk Henry

Bushwick / Ridgewood

Grace Exhibition Space | 840 Broadway

Curated by Jill McDermid

A meeting of legendary performance artists with new practitioners.

△ Linda Mary Montano
△▽ Martha Wilson
△▽△ Diane Dwyer
△▽△▽ Thomas Albrecht
△▽△▽△ Tsedaye Makonnen
△▽△▽△▽ Chun Hua Cather Dong
△▽△▽△▽△ Myk Henry, Ayana Evans & Whitney Hunter



Linda Mary Montano is a seminal figure in contemporary feminist performance art and her work since the mid 1960s has been critical in the development of video by, for, and about women. Attempting to dissolve the boundaries between art and life, Montano continues to actively explore her art/life through shared experience, role adoption, and intricate life altering ceremonies, some of which last for seven or more years. Her artwork is starkly autobiographical and often concerned with personal and spiritual transformation. Montano’s influence is wide ranging – she has been featured at museums including The New Museum in New York, MOCA San Francisco and the ICA in London.


Martha Wilson is a pioneering feminist artist and gallery director, who over the past four decades created innovative photographic and video works that explore her female subjectivity through role-playing, costume transformations, and “invasions” of other people’s personae. She began making these videos and photo/text works in the early 1970s while in Halifax in Nova Scotia, and further developed her performative and video-based practice after moving in 1974 to New York City, embarking on a long career that would see her gain attention across the U.S. for her provocative appearances and works. In 1976 she also founded and continues to direct Franklin Furnace, an artist-run space that champions the exploration, promotion and preservation of artists’ books, installation art, video, online and performance art, further challenging institutional norms, the roles artists play within society, and expectations about what constitutes acceptable art mediums.

● DIANE DWYER in collaboration with ALEXIS PENNEY●
(sounds by Colin Self and Macy Rodman)

Diane Dwyer was born in Japan, and grew up in New England. She lives in Brooklyn, where she host projects and events in her apartment including Diane’s Circus and Cloying Parlor. Much of her performance work consists of interventions and private actions, viewed primarily through documentation, if at all.

Diane’s work has been screened in Bulgaria, Cuba, England, Ireland, Montenegro, Russia, and Venezuela. In the USA, she has been included in new genres festivals and exhibitions in Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, Las Vegas, and New York. She received her BFA from The Museum School/Tufts University and her MFA from the University of Connecticut, where she was awarded a teaching fellowship. Teaching is an important aspect of her life as an artist. She is currently a part-time assistant professor at Parsons the New School for Design.

ALEXIS PENNEY is an artist, practicing witch, Aquarius and yogi from Lenexa, KS, based in Brooklyn, NY, where he lives and works with the art and performance collective Chez Deep. Penney's work occurs as a holistic and interconnected ecology of interdisciplinary practices (his most recent cycle, entitled Window, included a full length memoir with photography, a full-length musical record and readings, lectures, concerts and several collaborative audio visual documents). A self-identified stoner, drag priestess, dissident and lunatic, Penney seeks to embody and describe new possibilities within the psychocultural and spiritual fabric of life, art and identity based on a cosmology of interconnectedness and sanctity of all.


Thomas Albrecht’s performance projects have explored ritual and language in public spaces, galleries, and museums, prodding cultural beliefs and individual doubts. Current interests involve duration and elements of Absurdist Theatre, laying bare contingency in human constructions and slippage between truth and fiction. Albrecht has performed throughout the United States and in Europe, notably at Grace Exhibition Space, Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Dimanche Rouge Paris, and during festivals such as the Brooklyn International Performing Arts Festival and Month of Performance Art Berlin. He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, a Master of Arts in Religion from Yale University where he served as the Menil Scholar in residence, and his MFA from the University of Washington. He serves as Associate Professor in the Art Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz.


Chun Hua Catherine Dong is a Chinese-born artist working with performance art, photography, and video. She received a B.F.A from Emily Carr University Art & Design and a M.F.A. from Concordia University in Canada. She has performed in multiple national and international performance art festivals and venues, such as Dublin Live Art Festival, Infr’Action Venice, ENCUENTRO 2014, Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, Kaunas Biennial in Lithuania, INTERNATIONALES FESTIVAL FÜR PERFORMANCE in Mannheim, Place des Arts in Montreal, M: ST Performance Festival in Calgary, Visualeyez Performance Festival in Edmonton, and so on. She will be performing at Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival in Chicago and The Great American Performance Art in New York in 2015.

She has exhibited her works in Boston, Delhi, Dublin, Helsinki, Turin, Tornio, Toronto, Venice, Montreal and Vancouver. Her performance documentation was screened at over 25 events in 19 countries in 2014. Among many other awards, she is the recipient of the prestigious Franklin Furnace Award for avant-garde art in New York in 2014. Her performance is listed amongst the ‘‘Top Nine Political Art Projects of 2010’’ by Art and Threat Canadian magazine.


Myk Henry was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to New York in 1984. From 1989-1992 he became a key figure in the organization of several large scale warehouse art events along the Brooklyn waterfront. In 1994 he moved to Geneva, Switzerland where he graduated in 2001 with both a BFA and MFA at Ecole Superieure des Arts Visuels. Henry works with new media installation, sound sculpture, video and performance. As a performer he exploits the audience’s sense of awareness and engages them in a transformative process. Investigating the thin divide between private and public space, his work is provocative, edgy and slams the viewer into the centre of political issues, social conditioning and human taboos.
Culture Ireland regularly provides Henry with funding, which enables him to build sculptures and make performances at many well known venues and festivals around the world. He has shown work at ARCO in Madrid, UNHCR in Geneva, the Museum of Art and History in Geneva, the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the World Expo in Shanghai, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vaasa (Finland), Fountain, Miami Basel and the Armory Show in New York. He won "La Bourse Federal", (Young Art Basel, Switzerland), Le prix Contonal Geneva (Switzerland) and was the first foreigner to win Le Prix Providencia, (Swizerland).


Tsedaye is a first-generation Ethiopian American performance artist, ceramicist and sculptor based out of the DC area. Her work gravitates towards melodies that have played the loudest in her life: rituals, colorism, immigration, barriers, assimilation, soul & ancestral connections and so on; while using materials and her body to unveil then entwine them.


Ayana Evans is a NYC based artist. She frequently visits her hometown of Chicago whose Midwestern and sometimes controversial reputation is a major influence on her art. Evans received her MFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and her BA in Visual Arts from Brown University. She has attended the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture and the Vermont Studio Center. In 2014 she co-founded and began curatorial work with Social Health Performance Club. Evans’s recent performances include: "Operation Catsuit," which is an on-going public intervention, "He Loves Me Not," Local Project, LIC, “Frying Chicken,” a video collaboration with David Ian Griess, and “Happy Burfday Robert,” Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn. Additionally, Evans is an artist contributor for Gallerina Diaries and an active member of the fashion community via her handbag line YANA Handbags.


Whitney V. Hunter works in performance, exhibition, curation, and education and is based in NYC. He creates and curates for the stage, gallery, and alternative spaces, and directs his performance-theater collective Whitney Hunter[MEDIUM]. His works have been presented at La Mama, Grace Exhibition Space, through Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Itinerant Festival and the Lumen Festival. He has performed with the Martha Graham Dance Company, Reggie Wilson Fist and Heel Performance Group, Rioult Dance, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, and in the works of John Jesurun, Fiona Templeton, Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik, and Martha Clarke. Whitney is a Movement Research Artist in Residence (2013-15), a founding member of Social Health Performance Club, and presently a David Driskell Ph.D. Fellow at Institute for the Doctoral Studies in the Visual Art.