a film by The Sisters of the Lattice

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Bushwick / Ridgewood

Microscope Gallery | 4 Charles Place

HD video, 82 minutes, 2013
Music: Zeljko McMullen, Luke Loeffler, Michael Beharie
Admission $6

Microscope Gallery presents the anticipated premiere of LINK, a feature length video meditation – part documentary travelogue, part psychedelic incantation – by The Sisters of Lattice. The film chronicles their recent cross-country tour during which they visited small towns and cities, casinos and deserts, seeking a particular unknown individual in each place to connect through energetic transference over conference call with other strangers they met along the way. LINK traces the story of five of these chosen people while focusing on the simultaneous intimacy and separation created by modern tele-presence.

Each of the individuals they connected with was responsible for choosing the Sisters’ next destination by using their custom iPad app containing a moving Google map of the US. The Sisters then travelled to the exact GPS coordinates selected to find their next participant. The Sisters journey took them through Pittsburgh, Hartford, South Dakota, Sedalia, Colorado, Wendover, Utah, Halleluiah Junction, Nevada, Portland, Silicon Valley, the Redwoods, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, The Salton Sea, Albuquerque, Lake Powell, Los Vegas, Cleveland, Little Rock, Oklahoma City and more. From hundreds of these interactions with strangers, 5 selected “links” were ultimately connected to one another using an energy transference conducted over a conference call.
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The Sisters of the Lattice are willfully conjoined techno-mystics who work to deepen the connection between individuals and the technological devices they use everyday. They perform a range of ceremonies with participants using computers, cameras, cellular phones, and online platforms that both indulge and question the mediated experience in our lives.