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Yellowgreentangerine 60 x 48

Sean Donovan


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New Century Artists Gallery | 530 W 25th

Curated by Paul Calendrillo

Sean Donovan’s, Liquid Space, composes a symbolic variation of space-time itself. By applying multiple layers of liquid paint, he builds a unique architecture and meaning that allows imagery and imagined landscapes to slowly evolve through gravitational interaction during the drying process. Sean reacts to subtle nuances as each color layer dries and then observes the next stage of an emerging new reality. Revelation of the final image may take several weeks or even months. In this sense, a painting becomes a time-based dance of liquid paint gradually building into a finished piece. The process is unique in that Sean allows the paint to speak from many perspectives all at once with no preconceived notion, finding its own truth.

Sean uses gravity and the flow of paint to establish the tone of each individual work. The canvas is initially placed horizontally but slight shifts in balance are required at times to alter the paint flow, a 90 degree shift can alter everything. He also uses a bucket of water the way another artist might use an eraser to negate an image. Of course, the ultimate decision is to know when to stop and when to continue, like Russian roulette, it can be a fatal game of chance.

Sean’s work advances the history of perspective in painting from the Byzantine vanishing point of perspective to Picasso to art without subject matter to David Hockney and the how the camera effects perspective on the mind. Sean’s work pushes the boundary of perspective further by demonstrating that many models of perspective may emerge simultaneously.

Sean is an artist who can and will open new aesthetic avenues. His work can be found in collectors portfolios in Europe, the UK and the US and is probably best described in the following Haiku of his creation:

a sky darkened to grape
lying in stillness. . . .
a lake of wine

the lake mirrors
wisps of twilight’s clouds above -
a lilac trail

on the lilac trail
full white moon
a face glitters on water

deep purple water
moon in pomegranate sky. . . .

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