Living Between the Lines: An Evening of Original Poetry and Prose by Female Veterans

Living Between the Lines: An Evening of Original Poetry and Prose by Female Veterans  | Events Calendar


A.I.R. Gallery | 111 Front Street, #228

A.I.R. Gallery and 2012-2013 Fellowship Artist Shanti Grumbine are pleased to announce a public reading of original poetry and prose by female veterans.

For this special event, A.I.R. Fellow, Shanti Grumbine has partnered with Warrior Writers to create a supportive public space within the gallery where female veteran’s voices and stories can be heard. In her exhibition, The Glittering Point, Grumbine removes text and image from The New York Times newspaper, poetically making space for marginalized narratives and voices. The aim of this event is to temporarily fill that space and to help bridge the gap between civilians and veterans by using the gallery as a common ground where diverse truths and experiences can be witnessed and valued.

We invite you to be part of this event to acknowledge our collective experience and responsibility in world events and to share in the advocacy of veterans in the creative arts.

Warrior Writers is a community of military veterans, service members, artists, allies, civilians, and healers dedicated to creativity and wellness. They use writing, painting, photography, and a host of other mediums to reflect on their experiences and to articulate/express them creatively. Art making becomes the tool through which they understand and transcend experiences of trauma and emotional disruptions that are not easily identified but constantly felt.
Through Warrior Writers, veterans have created a network of support and reprieve where artistic growth is developed and lasting friendships are built. Using art as language, they help bridge the gap between veterans and civilians. Warrior Writers has members and activities across the country including: Philadelphia, New York, Boston, the D.C. area, Chicago, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and the Bay area.

The suggested donation is $10 to support the Warrior Writers programs for veterans.

The A.I.R. Fellowship Program is made possible by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, a state agency, The New York State Council on the Arts, JP Morgan Chase through a re-grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council, as well as generous support from The Bernheim Foundation, The Gifford Foundation, Elizabeth A. Sackler, The Milton and Sally Avery Foundation, and many generous donors to the Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship.