Lucy Kim

"Rejuvenate and Repeat"

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Image: Courtesy of the Artist

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The Institute of Fine Arts at NYU | 1 E 78th St.

Lucy Kim: Rejuvenate and Repeat

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
6:30-9:00 PM in the Great Hall
The Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
1 East 78th Street

The Institute of Fine Arts at New York University will open its doors to Rejuvenate and Repeat, a newly commissioned project by sculptor and painter Lucy Kim. Rejuvenate and Repeat is part of an ambitious series of solo shows dedicated to women artists and is hosted in the Great Hall of the Institute’s historic Duke House.

Kim’s exhibition reflects on the importance of self-preservation at a time of uncertainty. Rejuvenate and Repeat features a monumental, twenty-foot painted sculpture that draws inspiration from the history and space of the Duke House. The massive site-specific work plunges downward through the main stairwell of the Institute’s Great Hall. The sculpture consists of bird and corn motifs in low relief, playing off beaux-arts bas-reliefs of foliage and draped figures in plaster, wood, and wrought iron that decorate and populate the mansion.

The exhibition will be on view to the public from April 11th through Mid-September, 2017 from 1-4pm daily.