SVA MA Curatorial Practice Major Year-End Exhibitions

SVA MA Curatorial Practice Major Year-End Exhibitions  | Events Calendar

Clinton Hill / Fort Green

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Pfizer Building | 630 Flushing Ave

School of Visual Arts presents final curatorial projects from MA Curatorial Practice fellows.

“Enfolding and Unfolding: Geometric Abstraction in Motion”
Curated by: Sanna Almajedi

“Pre-Future: Examining the Post-Contemporary”
Curated by: Valerie Amend

“con•tin•u•ums (time beyond lifetimes)”
Curated by: Patrick Jaojoco

“Form of Touch”
Curated by: Becky Nahom

“E /\/ C O U /\/ T E R S”
Curated by: Vera Petukhova

“Life in the Conditional”
Curated by: Jovanna Venegas

“The Map Is Not the Territory”
Curated by: Lux Yuting Bai, Piper Ross Ferriter, Jacqueline Kok, Noelia Lecue, Amanda Lee, Jasa McKenzie, Birdie Piccininni, and Natalia Viera Salgado under the direction of Sarah Demeuse

“Sexual Fragments Absent” (note: different location from above exhibitions)
Curated by: Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi

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