Maggie Lee's "Mommy"

Pratt Film Society Screening

Maggie Lee's "Mommy" Pratt Film Society Screening | Events Calendar

Clinton Hill / Fort Green

Pratt Institute | 61 St. James Place

Location: Higgins Hall Auditorium, 61. St. James Place, Brooklyn Campus

Maggie Lee’s documentary Mommy depicts the relationship between a mother and daughter before and after death, the shared struggle for love and independence, and a young artist’s coming of age. The film distinguishes itself from conventional documentary through its original storytelling techniques, combining the DIY vernacular of internet collage with experimental film. A Beta Pictures Production.

Director Maggie Lee will be in attendance.

"Maggie Lee's Mommy is about devotion— about filial piety, love, guilt, but also the haunted fidelity between the image and the body, the projection and the real. The video is largely a recounting of the artist's adolescence, with her mother and their time together at its center. But it is superimposed with scrolling text, voices, drawings, animations, footage recorded on phones: a palimpsest of motion graphics in the age of Snapchat." —Wendy Yao, Artforum