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Malin Abrahamsson, Solar Cycle 24, 2013

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BRIC | 647 Fulton Street

Malin Abrahamsson's digital animations and large-scale public projects invariably revolve around the concepts of space and place—whether permanent, temporary or somewhere in-between. Her artwork also responds to site it is viewed in; engaging in an active dialogue with its context. The particulars of an already existing physical, emotional, and geographical border provide a conceptual framework for each project.

For the Garage Door Video Series, BRIC will be showing three of Abrahamsson's videos: Passage, Night Diving, and Solar Cycle 24.

Passage, a slow-paced interaction between light, color and composition, flows through an unidentified metropolis. Accompanied by a subtle, hymn-like soundtrack, it's a brief journey with an open-ended destination.

In its original incarnation, Night Diving was projected onto the bottom of an empty public city pool at the LUMEN Video & Performance Festival, 2013. Drawing its inspiration from the infinite qualities and sounds of water, this piece is a meditation on movement and time.

Solar Cycle 24 was inspired by northern lights; an astronomical phenomenon caused by solar storms that run on 11-year cycles. Originally created for a public presentation sponsored by Chashama in early 2013, the work is titled after the solar cycle (number 24) with peak activity in March of that year.

BRIC will show one of Abrahamsson's videos each week: Passage the first week, Night Diving the second, and Solar Cycle 24 both weeks.

Passage, 2013
4:00 min.
Feb.9-13, 10am-6pm

Night Diving, 2013
11:25 min.
Feb. 15-19, 10am-6pm

Solar Cycle 24, 2013
12:52 min.
Feb.20-24, 10-6pm