Maria Petschnig

Screening & Book Release Party

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E Village / LES

Anthology Film Archives | 32 Second Avenue

This screening is part of: SHOW & TELL

Maria Petschnig is an Austrian-born, New York-based artist who works in video, performance, and installation. Described by NEW YORK TIMES critic Karen Rosenberg as presenting a “gentler version of Viennese Actionism’s extreme body art or of the gender-bending epics of Matthew Barney,” Petschnig’s powerfully provocative and strangely funny videos explore a seedy, awkward kind of eroticism, constantly inverting subject-object relations with a keen understanding of the body and sexuality. Her lens captures a world that is fetishized, disquieting, and humorous, realized in dry, dark fantasies and crude dystopias. The videos posit a contemporary response to the old politics of identity by challenging the viewer to avoid an easy alliance with third-wave feminism’s reclaiming of sexuality as power. Instead, these intimate performances in front of (rather than for) the camera suggest a representation of pathos and loneliness among society’s fringe. Her work has screened widely at venues including Random Institute, Zurich, Switzerland (2015), Kino Arsenal, Berlin (2014), On Stellar Rays, New York (2013), and Performa 11, New York (2011) amongst many others.

This program celebrates the publication of a book on Petschnig’s work titled NINETEEN VIDEOS that will be co-published this May by Black Dog Publishing, London, and On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York, with support from The Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.

HOLODECK (2002/08, 2 min, video)
MINNIE (2007, 6 min, video)
PETSCHSNIGGLE (2013, 6 min, digital)
PEEP (2003, 6 min, video)
C. (2014, 28 min, digital. World premiere screening!)
VASISTAS (2013, 5 min, digital)
STEPPIN’ OUT FOR LUNCH (2013, 6 min, digital)
PAREIDOLIA (2008, 3 min, video)

Total running time: ca. 65 min.