Martin Guggenheim on the Children's Rights Counterrevolution

Martin Guggenheim on the Children's Rights Counterrevolution  | Events Calendar

Martin Guggenheim, Sharon Lockhart

Upper E Side

The Artist's Institute | 132 E. 65th St

At a time when we are thinking about the rights of the most vulnerable, Martin Guggenheim—one of the nation’s foremost experts on children’s rights and family law—will talk about the current state of children’s rights in the United States.
The 1960s cultivated important cultural changes, including the relatively little-known start of the modern children’s rights movement. It began with a series of Supreme Court cases that unleashed a new breed of children’s rights advocates: lawyers. But what these lawyers actually accomplished for children is highly contestable. Many things turned worse for children, particularly children of color, over the past generation. Today, the United States is the world leader in imprisoning children; in sending children into foster care; and even in expelling children from public school, which has notoriously been linked to the school-to-prison pipeline and the rise of mass incarceration.