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Mirak Jamal, Aidan Koch, Stephen Nachtigall, Brandon Ndife, and Rebecca Peel

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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On View

Kimberly-Klark | 788 Woodward Ave.

Curated by Emma Hazen


I. The end of the world has already occurred or there was no world in the first place. The material conditions that afford this civilization are in the process of eroding. We are building more sandcastles for when the tide comes in, yet the half life of plutonium is 24,100 years. Earth, air, water, fire, oil.

II. Synonyms for world |wərld| noun: Earth, globe, planet, sphere, moon, star, heavenly body, orb, society, circle, arena, milieu, province, domain, orbit, preserve, realm, field, discipline, area, sector, everyone, everybody, people, mankind, humankind, humanity, the (general) public, the population, the populace, all and sundry, ‘every Tom, Dick, and Harry,’ huge, amount, good deal, great deal, abundance, wealth, profusion, mountain, heap, lot, load, ton, material things, secular interests, temporal concerns, earthly concerns.

III. The raindrops I feel on my head are a local manifestation of the larger entity. Locality is a false immediacy; reality is located somewhere else. re:
i. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) denies climate change on the senate floor with a snowball as evidence.
ii. Watch a 3-Mile-Wide Glacier Crash into the Sea (VIDEO).

IV. I am sitting in the garden en plein air. An interobjective island of stability between my eyes, brain, macbook, table, allergies, cement, Google Docs, carpal tunnel, and potted patio plants.

V. Facing extinction, should the polar bear still sell Coca-cola?
i. What do you get when you mix cutting edge technologies with charismatic arctic wildlife? Exciting research that could greatly advance our ability to monitor polar bears in the far flung reaches of the North!
The drone, a small helicopter with an electric motor, is piloted to a point several hundred feet above a target bear. While it hovers overhead, the system provides a live video feed to the ground station, helping the crew make sure that the bear remains in frame. Another on-board sensor collects 6-band multi-spectral imagery that we will use to assess the spectral signature of bears.
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