Michael Mahalchick

'Narcissus IV: The Final Stare'

Michael Mahalchick 'Narcissus IV: The Final Stare' | Events Calendar

E Village / LES

CANADA | 333 Broome St

Skin Game: Performance Schedule

Thursday April 7, 6pm
Narcissus II: The Flesh is the Zombie Talk
featuring Wolfgang Meyer of Discoteca Flaming Star

Friday April 22, 6pm
Narcissus III: A Night of Readings

Sunday May 1, 6pm
Narcissus IV: The Final Stare


CANADA presents three evenings of performance by Michael Mahalchick, in conjunction with his exhibition Skin Game. The artist debuted Narcissus during the show's opening. For Narcissus II, III, & IV, Mahalchick will collaborate with guest lecturers, readers, & performers. Through these events and using his own self-reflexive stare, the artist produces four image-infused water works, which are meditations on the magical, evolving nature of identity.

Michael Mahalchick Skin Game & Alicia Gibson Purgatory Emporium continue through Sunday, May 1.