Micheal Rouillard

"100 Pages" 1993-2017 + New Paintings

Micheal Rouillard "100 Pages" 1993-2017 + New Paintings | Events Calendar
“100 Pages” 1993-2017 - Ball point pen on paper, 14 inches x 93 feet

E Village / LES

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Pablo's Birthday | 57 Orchard Street

Framing light with the intersection of bands and lines on a thin aluminum panel, Michael Rouillard’s painting are expressed in subtle shades of white. The wall being white, the boundary of the work is itself expressed in relation to the wall, and simultaneously integrated into the architecture as the field of the work expands - the light becoming defined both within and described beyond, the edge of the work.
within the painting, precise reveals of the different tones, in concert with a subtle translucence combine to convey a layered sense of depth. The bands and lines orient us in an intuitive geometry - beyond, we observe a perceptual relationship, the piece doesn’t merely hang on the wall, but redefines the space.


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