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Scott Nedrelow, Set, rise, set; rise, set, rise, 2015 Three channel ultra high definition video, 1:19

Alina Tenser, Nathlie Provosty, Scott Nedrelow, and Gerard & Kelly


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Kate Werble Gallery | 83 Vandam Street

The accumulation of events can be recorded through mark and image, movement and language, and then presented as a story to be retold and reinterpreted.

The works in this exhibition question the physical and temporal location of narrative. They address time and story by working between the material and immaterial, revealing the failure of chronology and history to evenly measure time and memory in a linear, even pattern. Instead, they propose an associative relationship mediated through a reinterpretation of subject.

Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, from 11 until 6 PM. For further information and images please email info@katewerblegallery.com.