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Natvar Bhavsar


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Cara Gallery | 508 West 24th Street

Natvar Bhavsar’s paintings evoke instant thoughts of his masterful use and understanding of color, form and dimension. The lines between the subjective and objective become blurred, as one has to consistently reevaluate their understanding of the canvas upon each iteration of viewing. The work is intrinsically ethereal and yet, in juxtaposition, carries with it the weight of up to 80 layers of acrylics, oils and pigments carefully applied and blended through the focused movements of the artist. This creates scintillating visions of the sublime that require immense contemplation and reflection. In one moment a painting may suggest a natural topography, and in the next, galaxies or even celestial geodes…and at times even brain formations, magnified by a high-resolution microscope. There exists both vibrancy and life, and in another sense, imminent or implied destruction.

Born in 1934, in India, the artist received the benefits of a western education blended with his own rich culture, immersed in brilliant color. Soon after he came to America in 1962 to continue his education, he received the prestigious John D Rockefeller III scholarship, which launched his entry into New York’s esteemed international art community.

The scale of the artist’s work can often be immense. One has the feeling of entering a universe of sensibility, where thought and sensation merge, as well as dreams with reality. Bhavsar says, “When I enter the studio everything disappears… including myself”. Engagement with the paints and pigments and canvas is everything.

Dry pigments are an instrumental part of his work – they have a fluidity; they can expand and coalesce. Bhavsar’s technique involves deftly sifting the medium through a screen onto a canvas on the floor, after which large brushes are used to adhere the color to the canvas. The process is then repeated, layer after layer. While paint tends to lose its luster, pigment retains its visual intensity.

Natvar’s work is infused with a powerful sensuality that provides us with a spiritual passport to possible parallel universes as well as a vehicle for self-reflection.

Bhavsar is often associated with the color field painters, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still, and Jules Olitski. His work can be found in important private and public collections such as, the Solomon H. Guggenheim Museum, NY; the Wichita Museum of Art, Wichita, KS; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; as well as American-Express, NY; UBS, NY; Goldman Sachs, NY; and many others.





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