New Performance by Saya Woolfalk

New Performance by Saya Woolfalk  | Events Calendar


Third Streaming | 10 Greene Street

Doors Open at 6:30
Performance 7pm-9pm

What are social implications of becoming colorblind? For SOHO Gallery night Woolfalk will activate her installation at Third Streaming with a performance that explores what it means to become colorblind for a society of fictional women called the Empathics.

The material culture and biology of the Empathics presented in the exhibition Chimera is the synthesis of diverse sources. Textile-based sculptures, paintings, prints, and installation combine Native American artifacts, Japanese kimono fabrics, West African textiles and regalia, Brazilian Carnaval and bumba-meu-boi costumes, Buddhist Thangka paintings, European illuminated manuscripts, and botanical illustration. This Empathic symbolism points to how distinct beings and material intermingle, impact one another, and can emerge fused and re-imagined. This wondrous process of hybridization inadvertently causes the Empathics to become colorblind and Woolfalk is interested in the positive and negative implications of their complex situation.