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Artists Space Books & Talks | 55 Walker Street

No Total Weekend
May 29 – 31, 2015

Artists Space Books & Talks
55 Walker Street

Free Admission

Why can't we just go on the way we were? If we change the standpoint we can study where we stand. Is it a store, a bar, a cafe, something linked to energy and sugar and caffeine? Traveling organisms, where one is carried by another to a mutually beneficial arrival or location. Take 1, Take 2, Take whatever.

For the last two years, No Total has been meeting, at Artists Space Books & Talks and elsewhere, to read, write, and discuss. Up until now, we have been meeting as a closed group. We'd like to open the invitation to have a weekend. To continue some earlier conversations and begin new ones.

Throughout the weekend, we will be taking place. There will be a choreography of people, space, thoughts, movements, and time. Each day will have its own kind of logic in making people and places meet up at Artists Space Books & Talks.

We're involved with Arika, who are based in Edinburgh and have provided support and context for our readings, conversations, and ongoing actions.

Below is a schedule around which this choreography will hopefully emerge.

Friday, May 29, 9pm – 1am

No Total will perform Bernie
A time to lift each other up.

Constantina Zavitsanos and Amalle Dublon

Penis is Sophia Cleary and Samara Davis. They are a feminist punk band based in New York.

New Body Music
LA based dance duo's first LIVE performance along with a special DJ Set.


Saturday, May 30th, 3pm – 9pm

No Total will perform Bernie
A time to lift each other up.

No Total will teach Bernie


Mariana Valencia will give a joke

Jordan Lord will talk about the proximity of 55 Walker Street to West Broadway, where artists once marched – led in part by Yvonne Rainer – declaring the death of SoHo.

Arias Abbruzzi Davis

Christine Noschese
Metropolitan Avenue, Video, 61 minutes, 1985
Women grassroots activists from the Italian, Polish, and African American communities of Greenpoint-Williamsburg tell stories about their lives and collectively organize to save their neighborhoods.


Sunday, May 31, 1pm – 7pm

No Total will perform Bernie
A time to lift each other up.

Framing and screenings including:
Sandy Stone
Scene from Gendernauts, video excerpt from
a film by Monika Treut, 1 minutes 16 seconds, 1999
Cultural theorist Sandy Stone demonstrates quite strikingly how feminine and masculine mannerisms can morph at a moment's notice, if one is intimately aware of their differences and similarities.

Elizabeth Orr
Nicholas & Hillary, HD video, 8 minutes 55 seconds, 2015
A short experimental narrative filmed within a 360 degree tracking shot at Artists Space Books and Talks in NYC. The piece portrays neoliberal superpowers Nicholas Negroponte and Hillary Clinton performed by actor Jane Levy and NYC choreographer Mariana Valencia. Through gender and race-bending performances, the characters elaborate on the early development of the internet, their private lives, and anti-cartesian philosophy.

Emma Hedditch
Permanent verbalization, video, 30 minutes, 2015
A part live video essay made from images exploring cooling machines, the wearing of pajamas outdoors and notes on self regulation.

Joseph Teeling
Anxiety, video and performance, 18 minutes, 2015
A film and performance hinged on evoking and mediating symptoms of anxiety and affects of desire.

Morgan Bassichis will be offering a few very practical tools to improve some of the most important things about yourself (not that there's anything wrong with you!), based primarily on decades of human experience, mostly personal.

Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich collaborate as The Blow. Melissa works with frequency and Khaela works with something like frequency in the form of intimacy. They'll be trying something new.


Morgan Bassichis

No Total will perform Bernie
A time to lift each other up.


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No Total is supported by Arika, Edinburgh