"Nocturnal Sub.missions: Azumi Oe | Whitney Vangrin"

"Nocturnal Sub.missions: Azumi Oe | Whitney Vangrin"  | Events Calendar


American Medium | 515 W. 20th St.

Curated by gage of the boone

Act I:

Resemblance Resonance

by Azumi Oe

Tactile-oriented auditory/vision installation performance

Sonic architect, Dan Brantigan creates a habitat for butoh dancer Azumi O E to exist and explore. Her body, both a physical performance and a sound source in itself. This uniquely intimate experience draws the audience in and envelopes them is sound and retinotopic movement, bridging the gap between sonic output and inner desire.

Act II:


by Whitney Vangrin

The term gall may refer to bold, impudent behavior.Your gall bladder is the storage container for bile, the proverbial bitter and yellow digestive liquid produced by your liver. Combine the two, you may find Gall to describe bitterness of the spirit. The performance Gall uses sound and light to explore resentment as it manifests itself within the body and with external behaviors. This work is meant as an action towards reconciliation.

*Floral Arrangement by Kelsey Sykes.


The Spectrum presents Nocturnal Sub.missions, six nights focused on experimental performance in many forms. From a community of nocturnal artists, who explore dark dreamlands and lucidity of the everyday.

gage of the boone is a multimedia artist whose work is primarily performance and costume-based. Trained in dance since the age of four, from ballet to breakdancing to butoh, his work centers primarily on dreams and capabilities of the body. In 2011 he founded the LGBTQ+ performance art space The Spectrum, now called The Dreamhouse, in Ridgewood, Queens. In 2007 he graduated with a BFA from CCAC.




Wed - Sat 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM