"Nonhuman Rights" Talk By Steve Wise

"Nonhuman Rights" Talk By Steve Wise  | Events Calendar

E Village / LES

The Artist's Institute | 163 Eldridge Street

According to the Nonhuman Rights Project, “animal rights” is a contradiction in terms. Humans are the only animals that have rights. All the rest are treated like property; they have limited legal protections, but that doesn’t mean they have rights: you can’t kill a chimpanzee like you can’t steal a car. Attorney Steve Wise, president of the Nonhuman Rights Project, is fighting to have some nonhuman animals legally recognized as “persons,” capable of possessing some of our most basic rights of bodily liberty and integrity. Wise and his colleagues draw on the history of humans who have used the law to test the limits of their freedom – feudal serfs, slaves, and others – to ask questions about animal autonomy that inevitably open onto broader philosophical questions about the equality of bodies under the law.

Join Wise for a presentation at the Artist’s Institute concerning his activism and thoughts on the recent New York County Supreme Court hearing involving Hercules and Leo, two chimps being held captive by Stony Brook University.
Artist Van Hanos’ documentation of the hearing will be on view at the talk, alongside Carolee Schneemann’s Infinity Kisses II.