Louise McCagg

'Past Sculpture Present Drawing'

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Three Figures, 1996, Handmade cast paper, 38 x 9, 47 x 12, 35 x 7 inches (L to R)


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A.I.R. GALLERY | 155 Plymouth Street

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Past Sculpture Present Drawing
Louise McCagg

October 13 - November 13, 2016
Opening Reception: October 13, 6-8pm
DUMBO Art Walk: November 3, 6-8pm

Brooklyn, NY - September 2016

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce Past Sculpture Present Drawing, a solo exhibition by Louise McCagg comprised of sculptures and drawings created between the 1980’s and the present. The exhibition aims to provide the viewer with an opportunity to explore different aspects of the artist’s practice.

Among the diverse groups of work in the exhibition we can find small-sized, cast aluminum sculptures that were made during the 1980s. These figures were used by the artist as a site of experimentation through which she could explore movements and positions of the body.

Another group of works is that represented by three cast paper sculptures that were produced in the 1990s. During those years McCagg developed a unique technique to cast sculptures on paper that gradually reduced the size of the original figure but maintained all its recognizable features. The three paper sculptures presented in the exhibition were molded after the artist’s own body and through the repetition of the process she arrived to the desired size and result. As with many of her pieces the material aspect plays a trick on the viewer and while at first glance these casts remind us of the petrified bodies in Pompeii, a closer look reveals their true materiality: pigmented paper mixtures.

Writing in The New York Times, the critic Michael Brenson spoke of Louise
McCagg's work as Bruegelesque -- "quirky, troubling [and] oracular." McCagg’s signature sculptures take on an impression of the otherworldly. The particularity of her method resides in generating a figure that is both alien to us, and so rooted in humanity that it brings out the commonality between diverse cultures – the body.

A third group of works is formed by past and present drawings. On one hand studies drawn prior to the execution of sculptures - full of color and detail - in order to analyze future volumes. On the other, a series of drawings from the past two years that express her feelings of disorientation and uncertainty, the consequence of Parkinson’s disease, and reinforce the sense of cultural disorientation that spans throughout her oeuvre.

Louise McCagg lives and works in New York City and has shown her work throughout the U.S. and internationally. She has exhibited at A.I.R. Gallery for over twenty-five years. McCagg’s work has been collected by major museums and universities: Venice Biennale The Hungarian Pavilion, Italy; The Sculpture Center, New York; Dana Hall School, Wellesley; Lyman Allyn Museum, New London; University of California, San Diego; Kresge Art Museum, East Lansing; The City of East Lansing; Museum of Fine Art, Budapest, Hungary; Petöfi Museum of Literature, Budapest, Hungary; The Széchenyi Library, Budapest, Hungary; Saint Stefan Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary; Sejong Arts Festival, Seoul; 2B Gallery, Budapest..