Penny Rimbaud: 62 Renaissance Drawings & One Painting

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Boo-Hooray | 265 Canal St, 6th Floor

Boo-Hooray is pleased to announce the new exhibit Penny Rimbaud: 62 Renaissance Drawings & One Painting, which will open with a reception on Wednesday, March 13th from 6 to 9 PM. The show will run through Friday, March 22nd. Boo-Hooray will be open everyday for the duration of the show. Please RSVP for the opening here.

The exhibit consists of a series of works created in 2002 by Rimbaud, poet, philosopher and founder of anarcho-punk band Crass. Over the course of that year, Rimbaud created these works in a sketchbook that went everywhere with him, and in his words, “became my dialogue with self and others.” The drawings mark the first visual output from Rimbaud since the early 1970s, at which time he abandoned drawing and painting in favor of the word.

All sales of Rimbaud’s work will go towards securing a future for Dial House as a Charitable Trust. The “centre for the radical arts” was instigated in the late 1960s by Rimbaud and has been home to him and anarchist punk band Crass for fifty years.

“I’d like to think that in fifty years time, or even one hundred years time, that people will still be able to sit around the kitchen table engaged in the progressive, creative dialogue for which Dial House is renowned, or using the facilities offered by the house to help make those dialogues into an
active reality.

In mounting this show, and seeking through it to raise the monies to ensure the future of Dial House, I realise that the ‘life’ of the book might yet be far greater than its humble beginnings might ever have suggested- the alchemical infusion of my dreams.”

-Penny Rimbaud (March 2013)