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Elan Jurado, Ivy Castellanos

Tribeca / Downtown

TEMP | 57 Walker Street

TEMP is pleased to present an evening of performance art featuring the works of Elan Jurado and Ivy Castellanos.

Elan Jurado
A body set into motion is a force to reckoned with. A force that demands the attention of its audience. The body's ability to both literally and figuratively push and pull on its surroundings makes it an exquisite engine. This engine's design is so unique because we believe we know what the engine's purpose is, but it is capable of so much more.

Ivy Castellanos is an abstracted force of movement, shapes and energy. Ivy is a violent sculpture transforming each space into unpredictable actions. The construction of abstracted objects are customized and functional for the artists specific movements through space. Ivy's work stems from athleticism, feminism and the body's limitations.