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"Port Manteau"

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They rowed a few leagues, between banks, in some places flowery, in others barren; in some parts smooth, in others rugged. The stream ever widened, and at length lost itself under an arch of frightful rocks which reached to the sky. The two travellers had the courage to commit themselves to the current. The river, suddenly contracting at this place, whirled them along with a dreadful noise and rapidity. At the end of four-and-twenty hours they saw daylight again, but their canoe was dashed to pieces against the rocks. For a league they had to creep from rock to rock, until at length they discovered an extensive plain, bounded by inaccessible mountains. The country was cultivated as much for pleasure as for necessity. On all sides the useful was also the beautiful. The roads were covered, or rather adorned, with carriages of a glittering form and substance, in which were men and women of surprising beauty, drawn by large red sheep which surpassed in fleetness the finest coursers of Andalusia, Tetuan, and Mequinez.

by Monsieur Voltaire

Maresa Carney (b.1984, Vienna, Austria) lives and works in Queens, New York. She received her BA in Painting and Art History from Hunter College. She was the 2016 recipient of the Kossak Painting Fellowship. Her work was recently included in the exhibition "The Stone that the Builders Rejected," at This Friday or Next Friday in Brooklyn.