Puppet Panic

Paul Bergeron, Katrina Fimmel, Jason Reyen, and Ana Wieder-Blank

Puppet Panic Paul Bergeron, Katrina Fimmel, Jason Reyen, and Ana Wieder-Blank | Events Calendar
Katrina Fimmel, Juicy, 2015, watercolor, marker, gouache and acrylic on canvas, 57” × 60”

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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Honey Ramka | 56 Bogart St.

Honey Ramka is pleased to present Puppet Panic, an exhibition featuring work by Paul Bergeron, Katrina Fimmel, Jason Reyen, and Ana Wieder-Blank. Puppet Panic opens Friday, May 1st from 6-9pm, and runs through Sunday, June 7th.

"If that's true, it's pretty unseemly. That would mean replicating humans by breathing souls into dolls. Who'd want to do that? The definition of a truly beautiful doll is a living, breathing body devoid of a soul. 'An unyielding corpse, tiptoeing on the brink of collapse.'

"The human is no match for a doll, in its form, its elegance in motion, its very being. The inadequacies of human awareness become the inadequacies of life's reality. Perfection is possible only for those without consciousness, or perhaps endowed with infinite consciousness. In other words, for dolls and for gods."

"Truly disturbing, isn't it? The doubt is whether a creature that certainly appears to be alive really is. Alternatively, the doubt that a lifeless object might actually live. That's why dolls haunt us. They are modeled on humans. They are, in fact, nothing but human. They make us face the terror of being reduced to simple mechanisms and matter. In other words, the fear that, fundamentally, all humans belong to the void." (dialogue from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence)

Also on view in the project space is Abscissas and Ordinates, featuring work by Lars van Dooren and John O'Connor. Both artists employ data as material, which is then deconstructed and re-schematized into patterned complexes or hyper-mediated data sets. At times redolent of cartography, lotto drawings, or blueprints, their works are also a latticing of states: beautifully dissected, sutured, and reframed data centers. These refigured schematics exploit the allure of infographics and repackage the baroque boondoggle of spreadsheets into new cryptographs.