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Razvan Boar, The green line (Where is your title to it?), 2013, oil and acrylic on canvas, 63.8 x 48.4 in (162 x 123 cm)

Razvan Boar


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Ana Cristea Gallery | 521 West 26th Street

Ana Cristea Gallery is delighted to present Razvan Boar’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Verging away from monochromes and grays, Boar’s latest body of work introduces brightly hued worlds marked by an atmosphere of whimsy, brimming with gesture and energy. These are swirling fairytales set to a contemporary rhythm. Drafted with the ease of pencil drawing, the works on view demonstrate a fluid, reciprocal relationship between drawing and painting. From sources that are logical and universally familiar, Boar empties his subjects of their innate representation (their context and being-in-this-world) to begin a new existence as phantoms of their former selves. These paintings portray a mise-en-scene where technique and meaning simultaneously dissolve into a plethora of possibilities. The resulting ambiguity, in both form and content, creates a cipher for interpretation.