Real on Rock Street

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Fanny Allié, Jesse Bercowetz, Julien Gardair, Daisuke Kiyomiya, Will Kurtz, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Tom Otterness, Kurt Steger, Lynn Sullivan, Tyrome Tripoli, Hans van Meeuwen, Melanie Vote

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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Rock Street | Between Bogart Street and Morgan Avenue

Curated by Deborah Brown, Lesley Heller


"Real on Rock Street"

Curated by Deborah Brown and Lesley Heller

Sponsored by Frank Brunckhorst, a Boar's Head distributor


Fanny AlliƩ
Jesse Bercowetz
Julien Gardair
Daisuke Kiyomiya
Will Kurtz
Juliana Cerqueira Leite
Tom Otterness
Kurt Steger
Lynn Sullivan
Tyrome Tripoli
Hans van Meeuwen
Melanie Vote

May 31 + June 1

on view: 9 am, Saturday, May 31 til 6 pm, Sunday, June 1

33 continuous hours during Bushwick Open Studios

RECEPTION: Saturday, May 31, 3-5 pm, with performances by indie bands, Cathy and childproof.

"Real on Rock Street" is curated by artist Deborah Brown and gallerist Lesley Heller to showcase the work of artists who work primarily in sculpture and whose work engages "the real." The artworks are sited on Rock Street in Bushwick, allowing visitors to engage the work at close range, outside the confines of a traditional gallery setting. The exhibition is on view continuously for 33 hours during the Bushwick Open Studios festival. Some of the work is created for the event and responds specifically to the site.

Rock Street is a one-block street owned by Frank Brunckhorst Company, LLC, a Boar's Head distributor, located 2 blocks from the Morgan Avenue L stop between Morgan Avenue and Bogart Street. Frank Brunckhorst Company, LLC, owns and operates a plant on Rock Street and is a proud employer and important presence in the neighborhood. For the second year, the company has generously granted permission for the curators to place the artwork on Rock Street for the weekend of the festival, a ground-breaking collaboration between a Bushwick-based business and artists in the community.

Rock Street is located between Bogart Street and Morgan Avenue, 2 blocks from the Morgan Avenue stop on the L train.