Registry Spotlight: Jason Das

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BRIC | 647 Fulton Street


BRIC presents the work of artist Jason Das as part of a spotlight on members of BRIC's online Contemporary Artist Registry. Das's work will be on view in the hallway across from the Ballroom at BRIC House.

Jason Das is an interdisciplinary artist, organizer, instigator, and concerned neighbor, based in Crown Heights. He serves as President of the global nonprofit Urban Sketchers, dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing. As Das notes, "The paintings exhibited at BRIC House are an effort to magnify observational urban sketchbook work to wall-sized, while preserving the energy and spontaneity. Creating these large sketches on location can also act as a mild artistic intervention, enabling conversation and demonstration sessions with passers-by in neighborhoods that don't see a lot of plein air painters. There are compelling compositions everywhere in the city, not just in conventionally picturesque settings. While "authenticity" can be a distractingly loaded concept in Brooklyn today, there's no doubt that our vast borough (and the whole metro area) has plenty of under-documented corners."