"Relation" by Stephen Ruiz

"Relation" by Stephen Ruiz  | Events Calendar

Clinton Hill / Fort Green

Pratt Institute | 200 Willoughby Avenue

One important barrier to understanding others perspectives is a lack of or difference in experiences. We can alleviate this by asking about and listening to stories of others experiences and sharing those of our own.

Location: North Hall, Room 303, Brooklyn Campus

For "Relation" we will perform a ritual that aims to create a greater sense of understanding other people's perspectives. Participants will share stories of experiences they've had and listen to others share their own. We will immerse ourselves in issues faced by women, people of color, gender/sexual minorities, and other marginalized groups. We will learn and feel together what those experiences mean for us as individuals and as a society.

Relation can hold 10 participants and will last 90 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: This ritual will involve sitting on the floor and a fair amount of movement. Please dress comfortably. As well, please be aware that we will be covering sensitive topics, including sexual assault. At no point will any participant be compelled or coerced into speaking, and all participants will have full control over their level of participation.

Starting point: Pratt Institute 200 Willoughby Ave; Brooklyn; North Hall Room 303. For help navigating Pratt campus, please see the campus map.

Duration: 90 minutes
Age: 18+
Admission: Free
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