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III, 2016, watercolor monotype on paper, whiting, 40 x 27.5 inches. Courtesy of the artist and ROOM EAST, NY

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FOUR A.M. | Window at 291 Grand Street

I liked that she wrote me, time is like a magic trick. It's the thing that keeps everything from happening all at once. It's the concept we wrap around experience and motion and change.

We're waiting for something. Just now, right now, did you hear that, then, just now, wait she said, soon, now, no not yet, but then, before you know it, in a snap, drop of a hat, nothing flat, just like that, I asked, in a little while, once upon a time, a flash, jiffy, a shake, you know like right now, no wait, forever, eternity, why is it taking so long.

The light moves, we move, through our day, through the seasons, the years, the laps.
This is the news yesterday, this is the news today, this is news tomorrow, This is breakfast, lunch, dinner, Thanksgiving, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, again.

Segments of time, like seconds could be measured in the way he looks at you across the room, how many steps it takes to get up to your apartment, right before it starts to pour. Minutes, could be just after you receive good news, or bad news for that matter. Days like summer right before it ends or when the snow starts to fall. Weeks like petting your dog, sleeping, taking the train.

She says that time is the thing that stands between us and done, and it's a process of working through things. Art is a strange context for time because the gallery gives us the illusion that time is almost stopped through these objects that are put on display.

It's that time, now, it's that 4am courage.

-Text by Robin


FOUR A.M. is pleased to present a site-specific installation by Robin Cameron incorporating calcium hydroxide whiting, a watercolor monotype depicting the roman numeral three and a marble and brass clock sculpture.

Robin Cameron was born in 1981 in British Columbia, Canada and currently lives and works in New York. She graduated in 2012 with an MFA from Columbia University. Recent solo exhibitions include Who You at ROOM EAST, New York; Une Seconde Vie at Lefebvre & Fils, Paris; T-R-U-T-H at Art Metropole, Toronto and a two-person show with Sebastian Black at Bodega, Philadelphia. Group exhibitions include The 5th of July, Atlanta Contemporary, Georgia; Sense and Sensibility, Spazio A, Pistoia, Italy (curated by Chris Sharp); III, Martos Gallery, New York and Outdoor Sculpture, C L E A R I N G, New York. Her books are available at Printed Matter and held in the collection of the MoMA library. Her work is included in the permanent collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art. In collaboration with Wilson Cameron, she produces the online artist video series Scenes from the Studio.

Concurrently, Cameron's Strathcona Sky is on view at offspace.xyz from February 16-19 at 9pm.

For more information please contact mail@fouram.info