Rome Rather than You

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Roma wa la n'touma (Rome Rather than You). 2006. Algeria / France / Germany. Directed by Tariq Teguia. Courtesy the filmmaker


MoMA | 11 W. 53rd St.

2006. Algeria/France/Germany. Directed by Tariq Teguia. With Samira Kaddour, Rachid Amrani. The restless energy of youth propels this story set during Algeria's modern-day civil war. A young couple fantasizes about a new reality as they follow the trail of a man named Bosco from Algiers to the port city of La Madregue; he is reputed to provide false passports for access to the distant shores of Italy, France, or the U.S. A sense of foreboding builds as they encounter familial and societal distrust at every turn, and the visuals and soundtrack heighten the sense of a country and people under duress. Jazz interludes capture the inner spirit of the young protagonists, silence and ambient strains swell during the moments of waiting when freedom is hard to find and disaster seems imminent. Every moment is filled with the nuances of unfulfilled desire, and the young protagonists and plot twists evoke Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless. In Arabic; English subtitles. 111 min.

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Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:00 PM