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White Box | 329 Broome Street

WHITE BOX is pleased to present CRUSHED, featuring a series of photographs by artist Romulo Sans in his debut solo exhibition in New York. With a background in art directing, a passion for photography and an interest in current political worldwide affairs, Sans' work pairs two rather antithetical topics: fashion and politics.

While it is apparent many of the pieces in CRUSHED juxtaposes elements of high fashion with political or religious implications, the intentions behind each image differ, sometimes as a means of critiquing American culture and even foreseeing its demise as a dominant nation, and at other times to merely add an element of humor to controversial topics.

The series as whole, however, conveys Sans' continual observation of worldwide concerns and his desire to use imagery as a vehicle of understanding disconcerting issues. A native of Barcelona, and growing up artistically in Cuba for the past ten years, Sans admits to have constantly watched Al Jazeera, an Arabic news channel and one of the only news outlets he was able to access while in Cuba. Undertones of this influence can be seen in pieces such as Happy Meal (2012).