Sad Girls Club TV Finale Screening

Sad Girls Club TV Finale Screening  | Events Calendar

Máire Witt O’Neill and Mia Ardito

E Village / LES

Anthology Film Archives | 32 2nd Ave, New York, NY

Curated by American Medium

Screening of Episodes 4-6 of SGCtv Season 4 with live perfromance by America's first K-Pop Band EXP !!!

After party at the Wu Room

In previous seasons, SGCtv episodes have lived as the left over internet ephemera of an imaginary reality television show. This season the Sad Girls are transplanted from the safety of their private world in the “Sad Girls’ House,” Maryland and Brooklyn respectively, to the public and real world of Rockville Centre, LI—a hotel, a local nightclub, a 7Eleven, Jones Beach. SGCtv 4 delves deeper into the layers of reality and exposes captured elements of the improvisational process of the artists and the simultaneous roles they play--director, performer, character, person. Rich with the language of capitalism and unauthorized branded content, the visual nature of SGCtv is just as layered as the narrative. The show is both an addictive reality TV series and a documentary of itself. This constructed reality butts up against the real issues of on-location filming thus composing the narrative arc of the 6 new half-hour episodes.