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Flower Still Lifes

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John Davis Gallery | 362 1/2 Warren Street

"The work in my series Flower Still Lifes is made primarily in clay and plaster. Usually, I begin building the sculpture in clay and then cast it in plaster. Once in plaster, I continue working on it. I often use the basic forms in sculpture for example, the cylinder, the triangle and the circle, to define what ever image I have in front of me. The interior geometry gives my work the solidity I wish to express and also supports the abstraction I want to attain. I work from set-ups which to me are like small events – a microcosm of life. I want my work to go beyond the literal presence of the objects. Instead of seeing delicate flowers, I see shapes in uncountable variations beautifully deformed and transferred into planes and spaces represented in a solid mass which defies the inherent object itself and gives the finite flowers an infinite quality. I think of my work as three-dimensional poetry conveying and inviting to moments of contemplation and joy."

Saskia Sutherland, 2015





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