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Jared Clark

E Village / LES

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Mulherin + Pollard | 187 Chrystie Street

"We used to live in the imaginary world of the mirror, of the divided self and of the stage, of otherness and alienation. Today we live in the imaginary world of the screen, of the interface and the reduplication of contiguity and networks. All our machines are screens. We too have become screens, and the interactivity of men has become the interactivity of screens. Nothing that appears on the screen is intended to be deciphered in depth, but actually to be explored instantaneously, in an abreaction immediate to meaning—or an immediate convolution of the poles of representation." –Jean Baudrillard

Mulherin + Pollard is pleased to present “Seer Screens,” an exhibition of new works by Jared Clark. Conjuring everything from the interwoven design and functionality of first generation iMacs to Jared C Jean Baudrillard’s notion of man as occupying an existence within an imaginary world of interactive screens, Clark examines the relationship and interplay of object and viewer, where each becomes a screen interfacing with one another and the resultant mirroring and reversal of roles becomes the site of polymorphous meaning.

Clark is primarily known for his Bilds, sculptures constructed with a three-dimensional collage-like sensibility from a wild array of found objects, manipulated materials, and assorted detritus. Like the Bilds, Seer Screens is another example of Clark's joyfully chaotic compositions but with a more restrained and almost minimalist sense of color & design. These luminescent Pop, day-glo, resin covered, faintly recognizable objects may be anything from Rubik’s Cubes to cermic ducks or bunnies. Clark accentuates the nature of their form and status as objects, rather than their original contexts as artifacts from pop culture or the everyday world.

These new works inhabit space on the floor or hover from affixed points on the wall like refugees from a Claes Oldenburg Store dipped into a delectable swirl of candy colors and transparent goo, innocently asserting and commenting on the formal qualities of paint and sculptural form while basking in the sheer delight of color, light, and objecthood.

Clark earned a BFA at Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, and holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth Univerity in Richmond, Virginia. His work has appeared in exhibitions throughout the United States including recent solo shows at the Salt Lake Arts Center, Salt Lake City, UT in the winter of 2011; the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in the spring of 2012, and at the VOLTA Art Fair in New York City with ADA Gallery, Richmond, Virginia thispast March. He has participated in residencies at the Kompact Living Space, Berlin, Germany (2008); Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT (2007); Art Omi, Omi, NY (2007), and was the recipient of numerous fellowships from the Virginia Museum (2006), the Dedalus Foundation, NY (2007), the Vermont Studio Center (2007), and the Utah Arts Council (2012).

Jared's work has been collected by Cindy Sherman & Knight Landesman ( & some other pretty cool people)

He is represented by ADA Gallery, Mulherin Pollard’s sister gallery in Richmond, Virginia