She's a Talker

Neil Goldberg

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Greenwich Village / W Village

Rusty Knot | 425 West Street

Curated by Carl Williamson and Theodore Kerr

Sunday, July 5 | 7PM
Neil Golderberg, She's a Talker, video, 1:30, 1994
Rusty Knot | 425 West Street

Created in 1993, Neil Goldberg travelled all 5 New York boroughs to record about 80 gay men stroking their cats saying "She's a talker." He edited his footage down to two-second snapshots of each man, his cat and his home. Goldberg says of the work, "though the premise is unabashedly campy, the work was created at a time when many people around me were dying, and that pervasive experience of morality drove my wish to preserve these men on videotape."

Long running Sunday afternoon party on the Hudson River, Scissor Sundays is a Tea Dance without the ferry ride. Come for the DJS, the beer selection and pretzel dogs, stay for dancing, the furtive glances, and the sunset. Everyone is happy here.

Curator: Carl Williamson, Theodore Kerr