Sounds, Images and Data

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Greenwich Village / W Village

NYU Steinhardt | 70 Washington Sq S

Sounds, Images and Data 2015 is a conference that analyzes the role of the artists and curators in creating new experiences and aesthetics in the 21st century. By mixing a series of contemporary technologies, Big Data, social media practices and innovative approaches both to curating and artistic practices, contemporary creators and commentators are envisaging and constructing a different world where different strands collide. These practices could be defined as convergent, but they actually bring a complexity to the field of studies that cannot be subsumed under an homologating system, rather it appears to produce multiple and sometimes contradictory aesthetics.

Focusing on:
+Curating Sounds, Images and Big Data
+Artistic Practices in Sounds, Images and Big Data
+Theories of Sounds, Images and Big Data
+Aesthetics of Sounds, Images and Big Data
+Convergence or Divergence?
+Experimental Practices of Sounds, Images and Big Data
+Sounds, Images and Big Data in Relation to Traditional Practices

Aims of the Conference
The aim of the conference is to bring together artists, theorists, scholars, sound engineers, historians and curators. The conference speakers will present papers that respond to the themes of sound art, images and data and that will range from artistic practices, historization processes, aesthetics and curatorial studies, spanning from the fine arts to contemporary media arts, cultural representations and including archiving practices. The conference is also opened to areas of conceptualization, aesthetic and philosophical analyses of sounds, images and data.