Spinning on Air Series: Houseworld

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Rest Of Brooklyn

Roulette | 509 Atlantic Avenue

Four evenings of adventurous songwriters, curated by David Garland of WNYC’s Spinning On Air, featuring established and up-and-coming composers who are finding new paths in the land of song.


Houseworld is a surrealist immersive theater performance created by Andrew Hoepfner, in collaboration with Mike Campbell, Jesse Paris Smith, and a team of volunteer artists. In the performance, 30 guests enter an historic house, one by one, and step into a dreamworld.

Created by Andrew Hoepfner
In collaboration with Mike Campbell and Jesse Paris Smith

Ol’ Joe: Mike Campbell
The Healer: Angela Carlucci
The Doula: Magali Charron
Amaya: Larkin Grimm
The Weeping Woman: Dennie Hausen
Elsa: Sherry Katapodes
The Director / Production Assistant: Sara Lindo
Stranger Cat: Cat Martino TBA
Puppeteer: Evie Morrel-Samuels TBA
The Cook: Salvatore Musumeci
The Monster: Ben Pagano TBA
The Woman in the Bed: Beth Pagano
The Photographer: Rick Patrick
The Bathtub Guru: Joe Crow Ryan
The Truant: Uriel Shlush-Reyna
The Director / Production Assistant: Steve Seck
The Angel of Peace and Light: Jesse Paris Smith
The Fortune Teller: Alexis Sottile TBA
The Man with Sensitive Ears: Jason Trachtenburg
The Best Friend: Charles Yoo TBA