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ruby onyinyechi amanze| "Swimming in pink gave birth to the moon (when the heart's prisms were beyond enuf) | 2016 Ink, graphite, colored pencils, metallic enamel, photo transfers


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Smack Mellon | 92 Plymouth St

ruby onyinyechi amanze

Smack Mellon is pleased to present STAR FISH: new large-scale, dimensional drawings by ruby onyinyechi amanze. The work is part of an ongoing, non-linear narrative where aliens, hybrids, and ghosts reside in a magical world of constructed realities, memory, and make believe.

Within the drawings, amanze places equal weight on her figures and the spaces they inhabit. Characters fluidly navigate their self-imagined, chimeric universe positioned between nowhere and everywhere. It is a space where land and sea invert, time travel occurs daily, and flying and walking are interchangeable. There is an overlapping, pseudo-collaged aesthetic to her drawings where there is no beginning or end, first or last, present or future. Instead, all the elements come together in a playfully ambiguous now.

Mimicking the spatial freedom within the drawings, amanze mounts her paper to multiple planes, flirting with the architecture of the gallery and propelling the drawings away from the wall, into the viewer’s space. Drawing from her background in textiles and printmaking, amanze's drawings reflect a fragmented and layered material sensibility that is highly intuitive in its process. Likewise, a video is projected onto a multi-dimensional surface, reinforcing the fractured nature of the slow-moving images and further complicating their relationship to any concretely defined space.