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American Medium | 424 Gates Ave


We are a comedy collective and gardening co-op, committed to making conceptual comedy through a non-hierarchical collaborative process.

THC has no walls. In order to tear down barriers of oppression, we are holding our annual shareholders meeting in the open-air backyard of a contemporary art gallery space in Bed-Stuy.

Laughter is our ultimate high.

Join us.


Talk Hole Collective
Wednesday, 4/20
7PM @ American Medium
424 Gates Ave


Microphone circle:
Josh Sharp
Julio Torres
Ana Fabrega
Shalewa Sharpe
Eric Allan Schwartau
Steven Phillips-Horst

Mindfulness coordinator:
Colin Self

Featured maker:
Sad Girls Club

Drum circle:
DJ IDK (David Knowles)

✌ Donations and skillshares encouraged ✌

Cash Bar
Specialty cocktail by Daniel Wallace


More about the company:

THC was founded in 2016 by the CEO’s of Talk & Hole, which remains our parent company. We have a separate manufacturing arm, Talk Hole Cannabinol, which produces industrial strength pesticides approved for crop use within the United States, Canada and Turkey.