Tamara Johnson: An Interior Complex

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Tamara Johnson, An Interior Complex (detail), 2015. Gypsum plaster, epoxy putty, wood, foam, latex and acrylic paint. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Parsley Steinweiss.

The Bronx

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Wave Hill | West 249th Street and Independence Avenue

Tamara Johnson’s sculptural interventions and performative gestures whimsically explore the cultural dynamics at work in the landscape, merging public and private notions of space. For her Sunroom Project, An Interior Complex, Johnson recreates the stone balustrade bordering the edge of Wave Hill’s Lower Lawn, installing a version of it in the Sun Porch. In this enclosed, windowed patio, the installation highlights how architectural details frame and direct our experience of the natural surroundings. Johnson interjects an element of surprise by bringing outdoor features indoors. A section of the artist’s surreal railing begins outside on the exterior stone precipice bordering the enclosed Sun Porch, and appears to enter into the interior space through the windows. As the balustrade edges further into the room, it becomes anthropomorphic, breaking apart into individual pillars and slabs, losing vitality and mimicking a deflated or mutated body. In this sense, the artist choreographs the balustrade, transforming it from functional architecture into sculpture.