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E Village / LES

Anthology Film Archives | 32 Second Avenue

by Marcel Hanoun
In French with projected English subtitles, 1977, 63 min, 35mm

This screening is part of: MARCEL HANOUN

(aka EXTASE)

Print restored by the Cinémathèque française. With Anne Bellec & Jean de Gaspary.

A couple in a hotel room in Brussels; a painting by Brueghel; in that painting, a mystery.

“[In LE REGARD] Hanoun sought to show a man and a woman making love in such a way that would be perceived as neither erotic nor pornographic. Freed from narrative and traditional contextualization, LE REGARD was a rare attempt to make a film where one might be able simply to look at this most crucial human interaction while having consciously to come to terms with one’s feelings regarding voyeurism. Unfortunately, Hanoun’s attempt seems to have been met with general bewilderment and like most of his work, remains largely unsung. People could not venture beyond pedestrian responses to explicit sexuality on screen; they could see no broader or deeper signification. They got stuck at skin level.” –John Gianvito, “Virgin Soiled, or a Woman Like the Others?”