The Grief of Others

+ Q&A with Patrick Wang

The Grief of Others + Q&A with Patrick Wang | Events Calendar

Rest Of Brooklyn

BAM | 30 Lafayette Ave.

Directed by Patrick Wang | 2015
With Wendy Moniz, Trevor St. John

In this follow-up to his tour-de-force debut, In the Family, writer-director Patrick Wang navigates the quiet undercurrents of human behavior, following a married couple in the aftermath of their newborn son’s death. As the family grapples with tragedy, both parents and their two precocious children are divided by their own personal grief—a delicate state disrupted by the husband’s troubled, long-estranged daughter from a previous relationship. Based on Leah Hager Cohen's acclaimed novel, this masterfully controlled ensemble drama registers the intricacies of unspoken heartbreak with tenderness and precision.

RUN TIME: 103min

This screening will feature a Q&A with director Patrick Wang, cast, and crew.