The Russian Woodpecker

+ Q&A with Chad Gracia

The Russian Woodpecker + Q&A with Chad Gracia | Events Calendar

Rest Of Brooklyn

BAM | 30 Lafayette Ave.

Directed by Chad Gracia | 2015

Winner of the Sundance Documentary Jury Prize for World Cinema, this harrowing film from first-time director Chad Gracia examines the lasting effects of the Chernobyl disaster through the eyes of Ukranian artist Fedor Alexandrovich, who was four years old on that fateful day. Risking their lives to gain unprecedented access to the site and get closer to the truth, Alexandrovich and the filmmakers uncover the mystery of the Duga, a Soviet radio antenna with frightening abilities, and reveal new layers of the revolution’s painful history.

RUN TIME: 80min

This screening will feature a Q&A with director Chad Gracia.