The Made-up Shrimp Hardly Enlightens Some Double Kisses

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Laurel Gitlen | 122 Norfolk Street

Edgardo Aragón, Christopher Aque, Lynda Benglis, Ernst Benkert, BRAD, Edmund Carpenter, Antoine Catala, William Eggleston, Corin Hewitt, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Bill Jenkins, Josh Kline, Paul Kos, Marie Lund, Anissa Mack, Elizabeth McAlpine, Park McArthur, Ryan McLaughlin, Joseph Montgomery, Will Rogan, Brian Sharp, Mateo Tannatt, Alina Tenser, Allyson Vieira, Jesse Willenbring, Erik Wysocan

Like an octopus, a centipede, or an exquisite corpse, this exhibition has too many hands, too many feet, and reaches in several directions. With new works by gallery artists and selected works from invited friends and colleagues, this hydra-like exhibition speaks to influence, friendship, inspiration, and curiosity.

This exhibition includes at least one rebus, seven paintings, two sculptures that fit in boxes, and an ethnographic film. It includes two pieces of toast, a wall on casters, a chair with no legs, and a wall label. There will be Axe Body Wash, a glass candlestick, and an Abercrombie and Fitch shopping bag. There are also 22 Polaroids, an arrangement of vegetables, a latex-shiny black quilt, one projection, and a portrait or two. There is a balancing broom, a mobile, a photograph of a mountain in Oaxaca, and C-prints made from invisible moments of 35mm films.

Most importantly, this is the inaugural group exhibition of our new space at 122 Norfolk Street. Strangely, it is also our third exhibition in this location; another non sequitur.

The gallery is open Wednesday–Sunday, 11am–6pm. For more information or images, please e-mail gallery@laurelgitlen.com

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