“‘This Literally Happened’: A Night of Storytelling”

“‘This Literally Happened’: A Night of Storytelling”  | Events Calendar
Sebastian Tedesco, Enigma, 2014. Unrealized project submitted to the Agency of Unrealized Projects' website.

With Heather Guertin, Sophia Cleary, and Allison Brainard

E Village / LES

e-flux | 311 East Broadway

These artists trade on impossible, unrealizable half-truths in order to weave a story that is often more truthful than reality. Or they don’t.

The evening begins with artist Heather Guertin, who will read an excerpt from her unpublished novel-in-progress, Not Yet Titled, Cambodia.

The evening continues with Sophia Cleary’s Female Figure II, a solo performance that cultivates sensitivity to an emotional body by acknowledging a persistent tension between performer and audience. In this “solo,” Sophia Cleary will share and misconstrue personal information about herself through the format of a lecture. The content of these lectures extends from musings about her experiences in psychoanalysis, to critiques of the work of contemporary artists such as Jordan Wolfson, to questions concerning the performer’s responsibility to her audience and vice versa. Note how the quality, dynamic, and nuance of a voice can both underscore and undermine the words that are uttered.

The evening will close with Allison Brainard, who is waiting to hear back about a grant to which she applied to create a SUPER DANCE. The ambitious proposal for this SUPER DANCE can only be realized with the aid of funding, technology, and special effects. It is a performance that cannot exist in reality, only on film and in dreams. In this evening’s low-tech, high-visibility forum, Allison will present the pre-funded work-in-progress.

Conversation and drinks will follow.

Allison Brainard is an artist living the dream in New York City. Her work blurs the boundaries of experimental dance, theater, and performance, and she always has a sense of humor. In the past, she has worked and collaborated with Marina Abramovic, Ryan McNamara, Patty Chang, Martha Rosler, and Carolee Schneemann. She has performed in many venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn including Abrons Art Center, Judson Church, and the Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU).

Sophia Cleary is a performance artist based in Brooklyn. She is the founder and coordinator of the works-in-progress series “REHEARSAL,” and is co-editor of Ugly Duckling Presse’s performance annual publication, Emergency INDEX. Cleary has worked with Neal Medlyn, Ann Liv Young, Dynasty Handbag (Jibz Cameron), Vanessa Anspaugh, Alexandra Bachzetsis, and the Kate Bush Dance Troupe. Her latest project is playing drums in Penis, a feminist punk band co-founded with Samara Davis. Cleary has presented her work at various New York venues, including the Center for Performance Research, Danspace Project, and Dixon Place.

Heather Guertin is a painter and writer and has performed stand-up comedy in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Moving between these media, she addresses human nature’s tendency toward self-actualization through various methods. Preparation and rehearsal are followed by the creative act with potential for mistakes and improvisation. Her upcoming solo exhibitions include Brennan & Griffin in New York in September and Proyectos Monclova in Mexico City. Last year, Guertin published a novella, Model Turned Comedian, with Publication Studio and Social Malpractice Publishing.