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threeASFOUR, in collaboration with Bradley Rothenberg; rendering of 3D-printed weave for MER KA BA, 2013 © threeASFOUR

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The Jewish Museum | 1109 5th Avenue at 92nd Street

Curated by Rebecca Shaykin

The New York-based fashion collective threeASFOUR presents its latest project, MER KA BA, an otherworldly installation that fuses avant-garde couture, architecture, and video projections. Inspired by sacred geometry and tile patterns found in synagogues, churches, and mosques around the world, the exhibition brings together ancient motifs and contemporary design aesthetics to reflect the group’s hybrid identity and utopian vision. Gabriel Asfour, Adi Gil, and Angela Donhauser, the designers of threeASFOUR, were born in Lebanon, Israel, and Tajikistan, respectively, and their diverse backgrounds have influenced their poetic and socially-conscious approach to fashion. threeASFOUR is collaborating with the architect Bradley Rothenberg to develop 3D-printed textiles based on symbolic latticework; with Studio Christian Wassmann to build an architectural structure in the form of a star tetrahedron; and with the 3D animation designer Alex Czetwertynski on video projections of the five Platonic solids.

Rebecca Shaykin, Leon Levy Assistant Curator



threeASFOUR:MER KA BA is presented by The Jewish Museum and Art Production Fund.

The exhibition is made possible by the Irma L. and Abram S. Croll Charitable Trust. Generous support is provided by Yoko Ono, the Leon Levy Foundation, Shelley Fox Aarons and Philip E. Aarons, and Dr. and Mrs. Steven Rothenberg. In-kind support is provided by Materialise and Bruce Gitlin and Milgo/Bufkin.





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