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John Powers

Tribeca / Downtown

Opening from

Postmasters Gallery | 54 Franklin Street

Postmasters is pleased to invite you to a reception celebrating the final state of John Powers +time.

The show will remain on view until June 7.

For the month of May, sculptor John Powers is using Postmasters Gallery as a studio, and combining his strategies of temporary public work and permanent studio work. Beginning with raw material, an entire show develops daily. Working simultaneously in polystyrene, steel, plywood, paper and phenolic resin blocks, Powers stacks, constructs and collages a series of individual works: wall pieces, floor pieces, reliefs, towers and carpets.

Rather than site-specific, each is conceived, each day, as part of the whole. Until May 31 each day is a new show, that vanishes under the next days' work. Returning visitors to the gallery are able to track the show's progress, as are those on social media, who follow changes via the artist's twitter, Instagram, and tumblr accounts - for the month of May, each is dedicated to updating different aspects of the show. Only for the last week of the show (June 1-7), after the closing reception (May 31), will the work stop, allowing the show to lie fallow.

For more information please visit: www.postmastersart.com