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Morgan Ritter


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American Medium | 424 Gates Ave

Whether in drawings, objects, or writings, Ritter's practice interferes with casual or easy understanding, reflecting her fascination with evading definition. A drawing shows a potato-like shadow bending unexpectedly, and, like a question mark, it plays with the changeability of matter. Every object's relationship with its accompanying language is presented as tense, yet malleable. As a poet calls upon a seemingly incongruent assemblage of elements, her projects appear disparate yet are charged with a deliberate paradoxical sensitivity.

Ritter's visual and written work has been exhibited at institutions such as the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), the Henry Art Museum (Seattle), LUMA Foundation (Zurich) and Centre Pompidou (Paris). She has a BA in Intermedia from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (2011).

Ritter lives and works in Portland, Oregon.