Trace Narratives

Recent Work by Shanti Grumbine

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Park Slope

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The Shed Space | 366 6th Street

The Shed is pleased to present, Trace Narratives, an exhibition of recent work by Shanti Grumbine. For this show, Shanti transforms the ephemeral materials from her New York Times home subscription through paper cutting, collage and plastic soldering. By removing, fracturing and scrambling text and image from journalistic sources, she makes space for what has been censored or lost in the translation of experience into words. She delicately removes and reinserts text and image and folds and fuses plastic newspaper sleeves to maintain a vestige of narrative function while building a new visual vocabulary of gridded gaps, natural forms, web-like constellations of words and quilted geometric abstractions. Shanti's work will be shown in Bronx Calling: The Third AIM Biennial at the Bronx Museum this summer. To learn more about Shanti's work click here or visit The Shed. Please feel free to bring your favorite beverage to share.